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Euro PSP gets 2.7 firmware

Completes the set.

Sony Europe's followed on from yesterday's Japanese and US releases by popping the 2.7 PSP firmware on its website, www.yourpsp.com. (Although if you have as much trouble finding it as we did, you can always use the American one.)

That completes the worldwide set. The new firmware adds the ability to view websites using Flash (version 6) in the PSP web-browser, as well as playback for more music formats (including Apple AAC), and Simplified and Traditional Chinese language support.

It also prepares the PSP to act as a receiver for Sony's LocationFree TV service, which will launch here in May. This will allow you to watch live TV, play back recorded programmes and set up future recordings, apparently - although you'll need a LocationFree box to help the PSP along with it.

Like those before it, version 2.7 also tightens up security so you can't run homebrew applications - at least until somebody cracks it again.

Incidentally, if none of that seems exciting enough to bother upgrading over, you might find yourself swayed by the new Japanese LocoRoco demo. It's downloadable, works regardless of the language-version of your firmware, and lets you play around with a level from Sony's madcap tilt-platform game; we've had a bash now, and it's brilliant.

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