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NCsoft line-up

Headed up by massively multiplayer Mad Max-style car combat title, with City of Heroes expansion, Guild Wars and a title from Richard Garriott's Destination Games also on display.

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Korean publisher NCsoft has joined the ranks of publishers currently announcing E3 line-ups, confirming a number of anticipated titles and announcing a couple of new projects, including a brand new Mad Max-style massively multiplayer near-future-car-combat-'em-up sort of thing.

Auto Assault is its name, and apparently it's going to take place in a highly destructible Mad Max style world, in which players can create custom cars, trucks and motorbikes (woo) and take to the Havok physics-based roads, causing all sorts of trouble and building up their skills in a number of ways. Player versus player combat is on the cards, and quite frankly the idea of some sort of massively multiplayer Carmageddon title definitely does things for us. In the absence of GTA Online, this could be the next best thing...

NCsoft is also planning to unveil City of Villains for the first time. It's an expansion pack for the MMORPG City of Heroes, and as you might imagine it lets you play as villains rather than heroes, battling lycra-clad super goodie-goodies and building up criminal empires.

Elsewhere on the NCsoft stand, Guild Wars will be making an appearance, but we won't be the only people able to play that - NCsoft also plans to release a downloadable demo version over the internet so that players can join in for the duration of the show.

Lineage II will also be on display (the first one was tremendously popular in Korea, and this one will almost certainly repeat that feat), while Ultima man Richard Garriott's Destination Games will be showing off sci-fi themed Tabula Rasa as well.

  • Auto Assault
  • City of Villains
  • Guild Wars
  • Lineage II
  • Tabula Rasa

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