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X2: The Playable Demo

It's a threat to your social life.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Finally! Following the recent release of the game in Europe by publisher Deep Silver, Egosoft's X2: The Threat - or this week's "next Elite" - is now available in playable demo form, giving those of you unconvinced by its charms an opportunity to get your teeth properly stuck in.

Available from various folks (torrent me, children), the 137MB demo replaces the 40-odd-meg rolling demo that was released in August of last year, and according to reports comprises five tutorials (Basics, Trade, Fight, Build, Think) along with a test universe to explore.

Although Rob didn't take to X2 as much as he'd anticipated when it first came out, the game has certainly developed a loyal following, and has been the subject of a particularly glowing write-up in a recent instalment of Reader Reviews, and as recently revealed here at EG the game could be on its way to a console audience at some point in the future.

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