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SOE to revamp Galaxies Jedi system

May the Force be with you. In a more quest-oriented fashion.

Sony Online Entertainment is planning to revamp the Jedi system in MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided. In an item on the official website, the team thanked fan community for all their message board posts and emails on the subject, and set about defining the first phase of mostly short term changes that will take effect soon, alleviating some short term "discomfort" with the Jedi gameplay and removing the "permadeath" system, which will be replaced by a skill revocation system based on deaths.

The second phase will be to rebuild the Jedi system to be quest-oriented, including familiar elements of Force Sensitivity, Jedi-oriented quests and other features to be determined by the developers and the community at large. SOE also noted that players who have put work in towards becoming a Jedi will not lose their effort, with plans to acknowledge them somehow due to go into the new system.

Defining the characteristics of a Jedi and how to attain such an inscrutably high standing in the MMORPG has been a source of controversy ever since the game launched, with only extremely dedicated players crossing the threshold into Jedi-hood, and the emergence of the first lightsaber-wielding, Force-sensitive player discussed at length by players and Star Wars fans alike.