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Snowboard Kids DS for Europe

'Made you look, Mr DS! Europe told me to,' said Snowboard.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Rising Star plans to publish Atlus' Snowboard Kids DS title across Europe in March 2006, the publisher announced today. The successor to a pair of well-received N64 titles, Snowboard Kids on DS continues to combine tricky-heavy snowboarding with Mario Kart-style power-ups.

It's a neat enough idea, and there'll be game modes that cater to each area individually as well as collectively. The Grand Prix-style mode will take you down various tracks, as you perform tricks for higher scores and complete "laps" by finding a little portal at the end to return you to the top.

There's also a Trick mode, and Slalom, which is just you against the clock. We can also expect boss battles, where you have to defeat bigger enemies before you reach the bottom of the track.

You'll be able to do that using the power-ups that are dotted around, along with your character's own personal special moves (including fireballs and freeze attacks), and each of the six characters will have special tricks to use too, activated by using the touch-screen, it says 'ere.

Beyond that, there'll be an in-game shop to buy new snowboards, special moves, courses and characters, and unlock the odd game mode. We can also expect wireless multiplayer modes beyond the single-player offering.

And if you're really really up for hot snowboarding kid action, you can already buy it in the US of A. But you should wait for the European one, obviously. We'll let you know what we reckon of it when we get our feet on it.

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