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Free Wolf 3D expansion

Screw all this new rubbish.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Those of you bored of all these new-fangled first-person shooters with their railguns and adaptive AI and, well, mouselook - you're in luck! Old-days publisher Apogee has randomly decided to release a free version of the "Super Upgrades" mission pack for Wolfenstein 3-D as freeware.

Available from the game's official website yes it does still have one, the Super Upgrades pack runs on version 1.4g of proper-legit Wolfenstein 3-D (so you may need to dig around in a drawer for the CD or something), and features "over 800 new levels" as well as a random level generator and a map editor.

Next week: Cheat codes for Doom II.

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