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Perfect Dark Zero details

As in, details of Perfect Dark Zero. Wouldn't be much of a story otherwise. Anyway, it'll be online and on Xbox 360, according to reports.

More than four years since ace FPS Perfect Dark appeared on the N64, a few details of the latest instalment in the series have emerged.

Microsoft first announced the game, titled Perfect Dark Zero, back in 2002. Since then details and screenshots have been scarce, as in nowhere to be seen, though they did release some character renders of heroine Joanna in a fetching chrome and lycra combo.

Now rumour has it that the reason it's taking so long is cos the game is being saved for the Xbox 360. It's down as a launch day title, apparently, and should be on show at E3 next month.

And what's more, it's going to have an online multiplayer mode which - according to reports - will feature more opponents playing at once than has ever been seen before in a console game.

The storyline is set before the first Perfect Dark title begins, and sees Joanna and her dad, Jack, caught up in a massive conspiracy that links in with the plot of the N64 game.

You'll be able to follow the story in both single-player and co-operative mode, and we're also promised something called 'anti-co-op' - one player takes on the role of Joanna while the other plays as her evil arch enemy, and both set about trying to do each other over.

It's all yet to be confirmed by Microsoft, which was unavailable for comment at the time of writing. And before that. And probably after. But we'll keep you posted.