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Kincaide wins the marathon!

Well, he finished anyway. And in good time. And raised loads of money. Top work, chap!

As you may recall, a little while ago we told you of regular Eurogamer reader David "Kincaide" Howlett's attempt to run the London Marathon for the second year running - this time without having to limp the last quarter after a burst blister.

Well, he did it! Not only did he finish the race in 4:37:56 (some 40 minutes quicker than his previous attempt), not only did he set a precedent by pausing for a tinkle at around the 22-mile mark (only to be copied by some thin woman further back), and not only did he wear his Carlos Valderrama-inspired Pro Evolution Soccer get-up for much of the race, but far more importantly he also exceeded the Vision Charity's target of raising £1,000 by some distance.

4:37:56 is of course a very impressive time. It's hard to do things in a timely fashion these days. Ahem. (Look, our website broke, then there was this whole other thing with this thing, and that thing then obscured another thing, and basically we're sorry it took so long to tell you about how brilliantly Dave fared. But now we are. Be gentle.)

Asked for his thoughts on the whole thing, Dave said: "I have to start by saying a massive thank you to all at Eurogamer, and the people on the forums. Counting all the email pledges, and money donated via the 'justgiving' website, over £200 was raised by the Eurogamer clan."

"For me it was a great run, and banished the painful memories of last year," he added. "After the event, my legs still ache, but I have no blisters, no chaffing. In fact my worst injury is a rather sunburnt forehead, as it was such a lovely day. I had the Monday off to recover, and Mrs. Kincaide did a wonderful job of looking after me - I managed to have a lie in and a lot of quality PSP time... ahhhh."

Will he do it again? Er, no. "I can safely say I won't be doing it next year. Instead I plan to be eating a big, fat, fry-up as the race starts." Good lord yes.

So then. Congratulations to David for doing something that not a lot of us could have. And congratulations to all of you who took part in the marathon or contributed a sum to the total. You all owe yourselves a big pat on the back.