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Ninja Gaiden gets solid US date

And less solid European date.

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American gamers - and those of you planning to import - can now look forward to getting their hands on Tecmo's much-hyped Xbox exclusive Ninja Gaiden on March 2nd, a full two weeks ahead of its planned release date in Tecmo's homeland of Japan. And they really mean it this time, so hopefully this announcement will bring to an end the regular slippage reports that have dogged the game since its postponement late last year.

Speaking to a Microsoft spokesperson just now [waves], we were told that the current official estimate is "late spring", although given Tecmo's rather slip-slidey nature and the apparent plan to touch it up a little for its European debut, the chances are we're more likely to see it in May. Rest assured though that funds permitting our more excitable staffers will be importing it just as soon as it lands in the States. In fact, sod it, where did I put my credit card?

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