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No Shining Force NEO in Europe

But it's out in the US.

SEGA's PS2 action RPG revival of the Shining Force series, Shining Force NEO, is currently hacking and slashing its way to US retail unimpeded by intrusive menu screens mid-battle, sayeth the Internet, but SEGA Europe has admitted that it currently has "no confirmed plans" to release the game on this continent. Boo!

NEO's picked up at least one healthy write-up overseas - described as a "surprisingly welcoming update on the Gauntlet template" by US website 1UP - but the Japanese press was less forgiving, and the forum-going masses have been busy deriding its decision to shift from the turn-based strategising of previous instalments to a real-time alternative.

Still, 1UP says it's the work of the Record of Lodoss War codesmiths, semi-obscure-Dreamcast-game fans, which ought to count for something. Whether it does or not is a question we'll likely answer if SEGA reneges on its apparent decision not to release it over here. We will of course let you know if that changes.