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DEFCON for 15 dollars!

Ludicrous Steam pricing.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Introversion's swinging game of global thermonuclear war is due out next month and for some reason they're planning to flog it on Steam for, get this, US$ 14.95.

That translates to just GBP 8.00 / EUR 11.70 or so, or 0.025 PlayStation 3s!

A curious mix of strategy and '80s film WarGames, DEFCON is about committing acts of nuclear murder on your international enemies, but with lots of opposing early warning sensors, silos and armed forces, it's a bit trickier than just hitting a red button.

We've got gameplay trailers, news and a preview/interview if you're not up on what it's about.

Failing that, why not just buy it next month? It costs sod all, and Introversion are ace. As evidenced by their previous games Uplink and Darwinia which, on a related note, are now available for US$ 19.95 on Steam as a package, with Uplink for just US$ 9.95 on its own.

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