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Half-Life 2: Episode Two video

Lovely woody sort of trailer.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Valve's released a trailer showing off some of the stuff you'll be doing in Half-Life 2: Episode Two, due out later this year on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

The trailer's available now on Eurogamer TV.

According to Valve (and bear in mind this is all spoilerific, especially if you haven't played Episode One yet): "Armed with new weaponry and vehicles, Dr. Gordon Freeman must race through a countryside riddled with an increasingly fierce Combine threat."

The Episode Two trailer follows new Team Fortress 2 and Portal trailers, which surfaced last week. Both TF2 and Portal will form part of the Episode Two package.

What's more, next-gen console owners will also receive Half-Life 2 and Episode One in their bundles, so there's lots to look forward to.

EA is distributing the boxed version of the game, and is keeping quiet about the release date, but Valve has previously said it hopes to ship Episode Two by the end of this year.

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