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Sony launches 'vlogging' site

It's the future, don't you know.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony has launched a new video blogging website at

"Vlogging", as it's apparently known, is all set to replace happy slapping, daisy chaining and riding tiny bicycles as the leisure activity of choice for Britain's youth. The new site gives you the opportunity to build your own profile, submit your own vlogs and follow the adventures of the 'Freedom Explorers' - Julia, Nathan, Charlotte and Ethesham.

They've been tasked with filming their every move throughout the summer as they attend exciting parties, visit exciting places and generally do exciting things and get excited about them.

You can vote for your favourite and at the end of the summer the Freedom Explorer with the most votes will win a 'year of freedom' to do more exciting things at Sony's expense. And probably video them and put them on the Internet.

Head on over to the site for a guide to creating your own vlog and more details of what the Freedom Explorers are getting up to.

Look, it makes a change from Big Brother. And SAVE DEREK by the way.

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