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Wilds Arms 4 dated

Go West this October.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

There's not long to go before you can once again don your Stetson and head West, with the latest instalment in the curiously entertaining Wild Arms RPG series.

Promising "a raft of new gameplay features", expect to find a spanking new hexagonal grid-based strategic battle system and the ability to speed up or slow down time to solve certain puzzles and uncover secret areas, amongst other enhancements.

The trials and tribulations of teenage warrior Jude Maverick (don't you just love game names?) and his companions won't be set in the old West this time either. Instead, you'll enter a "sexy" neon-lit world with a distinct Cyberpunk inspiration, with a non-linear mission structure as you battle to save the world of Filigaia from mysterious aerial invaders.

Wild West wannabes can pull their boots on and saddle up for the game's scheduled October 6th release on PS2.

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