Wild Arms 4

Wild Arms 4

Wild Arms 4

Flapping hopelessly.

The Wild Arms series is videogame beige. Viewed with a critical eye these are the blandest of RPG games, each barely characterised by unremarkable features, less-than-one dimensional characters, insipid storylines and unrelenting cliché.

Even viewed generously, the Wild Arms franchise avoids imagination and creativity at each turn in its embarrassing aping of Final Fantasy - a remarkable fact perhaps, but a far from interesting one. And viewed blindly, which is presumably how the swathes of fans that have promoted the brand to multi-million-seller look upon it, it's surely nothing more than a consistently average way to pass those time-rich teenage years.

And for this, the fourth game in the shuffling, near-pointless lineage, the series' one distinctive element, its wild west setting, is diluted beyond note, bringing the devolution of the Wild Arms concept to a most lacklustre conclusion before the game even starts.

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Wilds Arms 4 dated

Go West this October.

There's not long to go before you can once again don your Stetson and head West, with the latest instalment in the curiously entertaining Wild Arms RPG series.