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Texas Hold 'Em released

Free for 48 hours, remember.

It's poker time, kids. Well, it's not, since I'm writing this in a hotel in Germany at 6am and Texas Hold 'Em won't be released on Xbox Live Arcade until 8am, but you get it.

Texas Hold 'Em is yet another of Microsoft's XBLA Wednesdays games, although they seem to have dropped the name. More importantly, it's free for 48 hours! Completely! Which is great news if you happen to be at home in your house within the next 48 hours and not, say, in a hotel in Germany.

The full game promises a persistent bankroll element across online multiplayer, although no betting for real money. You will be able to earn the usual raft of achievements, however, with online leaderboards to boot.

It's only free until Friday morning though, so get downloading - otherwise, like idiots who can't download it until Friday, you'll need to cough up 800 Microsoft points.