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Texas Hold'em, Hexic 2 updates

From tomorrow.

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Microsoft has said Live Arcade titles Hexic 2 and Texas Hold'em will be given a few tweaks in the coming days.

Changes to the poker title will mean you will have to stump up the adequate amount of cash to start a game, and no longer be able to exploit the competitive bankroll. The quality of language translation has been polished up, too, so you should no longer accidentally offend people from different countries.

Bankroll Leaderboards will be wiped clean when the title update goes live in the near future.

The changes to Hexic 2 revolve around restarting from a saved game in Timed Mode. Bombs should now appear correctly when you do, and the timer will restart after the first rotation rather than after the first combo - as it does when you begin a new game. Boards will now reset when there are no more available moves, and a sound will warn you when a bomb pops up for the first time.

Marathon, Marathon Weekly and Timed Leaderboards will all be reset when the Hexic 2 update goes live tomorrow.

Head over to our Texas Hold'em and Hexic 2 gamepages for more information.

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