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Thieves Den for Oblivion

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Finished Elder Scrolls Oblivion? Not any more you haven't! Because Bethesda's just released some more of its downloadable content.

That's right! More! More from the people who brought you "A Metal Shirt For A Horse That'll Be Two Quid Fifty" and "A Garden With Some Flowers In It".

So, Oblivioners, say hello to "Thieves Den", encouraging you to "Rediscover the legendary Dunbarrow Cove and the ancient pirate ship The Red Sabre" so you can dress up your own little stealthy hovel to hide away in between pickpocketings.

It's got: five upgrades for your lair, "over" 45 new items, 15 new spells, and "free sleeping space", which is surely a bit of a misnomer at this point, along with the potential to have new pirates come along and join your crew to supplement your income. It's the downloadable content pack that pays for itself! Get your friends to invest today!

All you have to do to get it is go to the Obliviondownloads.com website if you're a PC player or log in to Xbox Live Marketplace if you favour the 360 version. Both cost about $1.89.