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Loken on BloodRayne film issues

Feels cheated by poor exposure.

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Kristanna Loken has commented on Uwe Boll's game-based film BloodRayne, which did quite badly upon its theatrical release - and drew plenty of derision after a whole bunch of cinemas declined to run it despite being sent film reels.

"That was really sad, because you put over a year of your life into a project, and you think it's going to do something," she told SCI FI Wire. "I think we really did get cheated in that sense," she said of the distribution issues.

Boll said much the same when we interviewed him recently - complaining, "We were scheduled to go out on 2000 screens, and then we came out on 930 screens, and only sh**** screens, so it didn't work out." But he and Loken might be buoyed by DVD sales, which Boll reckons will be good - based on sales of his previous films on DVD.

As to the quality of the film and its director, Loken wasn't prepared to have a pop. "I know that Uwe does not have a great track record, to say the least. Hey, I'm going to be objective. It's not going to win any awards, but I thought for what it was it was a pretty decent film," she told SCI FI Wire.

Fresh from her starring role in BloodRayne, Kristanna Loken's hopped into bed (work-wise) with director Uwe Boll again to take up a supporting role for In The Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale, which is due out later this year.

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