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More Tetris DS details

Those new modes in full.

Nintendo has unveiled full details of the modes we can expect to see in Tetris DS when it's released in April.

Standard mode is based on classic Tetris gameplay - you drop blocks and form lines to score points, in other words. And while you're busy with that, Mario will be running and jumping his way around various levels from Super Mario Bros. in the background.

Then there's Mission mode, which has a Legend of Zelda theme and sees you racing against the clock to complete objectives. The Metroid-themed Catch mode is all about guiding blocks so they land on a big floating pile and form 4 by 4 squares - at which point they'll explode.

Puzzle mode features Yoshi and tasks you with solving around 200 tough Tetris puzzles using just a few blocks. There's no time limit this time - you just tap the blocks on the touch screen to change which way up they're pointing, and then drop them into place.

In Touch mode, you use the stylus to move a big pile of blocks around and create horizontal lines. There's a Balloon Fight theme, and once again, no time limit.

And finally there's Push mode, which features our old friend Donkey Kong. Here you have to clear two rows of blocks simultaneously, thereby shoving them onto your opponent's pile. Whoever's pile hits the top of the screen first is the loser.

It all sounds rather exciting, really - especially when you remember that a generously designed game sharing option will allow up to 10 players to compete using only a single cartridge, and that you'll be able to battle it out online via the Wi-Fi Connection service. Roll on April 21st.