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Tetris DS to drop by soon

Features funky retro themes.

With the kind of crushing inevitability that is akin to being squashed under the weight of, well, an L-shaped block, Nintendo has announced that Tetris is coming to the DS.

Tetris DS is said to build on the super-addictive original by adding "new types of gameplay that could only be possible on Nintendo DS."

There are six modes of play, and each has has a theme based on a classic Nintendo game, such as Super Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda or Metroid. It all still boils down to moving blocks around and clearing lines - but the touch screen "adds a new element of interactivity," apparently.

Some modes will task you with completing special Tetris puzzles, while others will let you go head to head with another player. A generously designed game sharing option means that up to 10 DS owners can play against each other wirelessly using a single cartridge.

And that's not all - you can also go online via Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection service to compete in two or four player battles. There's a point-based rating system which tells other players how well you've performed in battles, and of course you can check out their skills too.

As far as a release date goes, all we know so far is that Tetris DS will hit US stores on March 20. A European release shouldn't be too far behind, with a bit of luck.

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