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SEGA stays quiet on VF5 rumour

PS3 exclusive or not? Grr.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

SEGA Europe today declined to comment on reports linking Virtua Fighter 5 to the PlayStation 3.

Ever since SEGA showed off a Virtua Fighter 5 tech demo at E3 last year, everyone and his dog (well, blog)'s been speculating that it'd appear on PS3, and this month American mag Electronic Gaming Monthly indicated that it was more than a rumour.

"And it might be exclusive," too, apparently. In related news, Scarlet Johansson "might" be attracted to me. And I "might" be getting a week off next month.

As soon as SEGA says anything concrete about Virtua Fighter 5 on console, we'll be sure to mention it here. It's very much one for the arcade at the moment.

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