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Ubisoft to publish Exit PSP

And two other Taito games.

Ubisoft has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Taito to publish and distribute three games in North America and Europe during 2006.

The first game covered by the agreement is PSP puzzle action title Exit, which was released in Japan earlier this year. Exit will be released in February.

Taito currently has several handheld games in development as well as titles for current and next-generation console platforms.

The Japanese firm has recently been leveraging its arcade back catalogue by releasing reworked handheld versions - several of which have been published in Europe by Rising Star Games.

Exit, however, is an original composition - players control a professional escapologist called Mr. ESC, and must guide him past obstacles while rescuing people from life-threatening situations like fires, earthquakes and other disasters.

The game will include more than 100 different scenarios, and downloadable content will also be made available.

Exit fits in quite well with some of Ubisoft's recent European PSP publications, including the similarly puzzle-action-based Frantix and well-received puzzle/driving hybrid Gripshift.