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Free online Monopoly

With real-life game board.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

It's been seventy years since classic board game Monopoly first started to cause endless rows over who gets to be the top hat, and to celebrate Parker is giving you the chance to play an all-new online version of the game.

Monopoly Live uses a modern day game board, featuring locations such as Wimbledon, Camden Market and the London Eye. And what's more, the playing pieces are real-life London taxis - 18 cabs have been kitted out with GPS so their movements can be tracked throughout the day.

You start out with £15 million to spend on properties and a bunch of free houses and hotels, and then set about building your empire. The amount of rent you collect depends on where the cabbies drop off fares as they go about their daily business.

And you might just end up with some real-life cash, too - each time you make a million pounds, you'll be entered into a free prize draw to win your mortgage or rent paid for a year.

So if you fancy a crack at becoming a virtual property tycoon, head on over to to get started.

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