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World Tour Soccer 2 for PSP

More challenge mode.

Sony's announced that World Tour Soccer 2 is due out on PlayStation Portable in June - just in time for you to lose your PSP down the back of a German stadium, presumably.

While Sony's World Tour Soccer PSP game was never going to dethrone Pro Evolution Soccer when it came out, we did find ourselves really quite enamoured with its "challenge" mode, which offered a new take on the whole concept of "arcade football" by actually giving you points for stringing together passes and scoring incredible, John-Arne-Riise-against-Birmingham-7-0-you-knew-I'd-fit-it-in-somewhere style long-range shots. Sensibly, it's this area that WTS2 seems to be keenest to expand upon.

The game will be split into World Tour and Medal modes, which will allow you to work toward unlocking new teams, game modes and All Star teams, but there are a total of 11 game modes overall - and most of the challenge-esque ones are asking for you to discipline yourself in certain ways.

Classic challenge sticks with the original formula, while all-rounder rewards you for bringing in team-mates; time attack is about scoring points against the clock; checkpoint is about your ball-distribution skills; and shot clock is about scoring quickly. If it's anything like the original, you'll compete for bronze, silver and gold medals - and probably get quite addicted to doing so.

On top of that your skills at the actual football will improve - and then you can take on other players in four-player ad hoc and two-player wireless infrastructure modes. Sony's London-based development team has also built in eight new stadiums and 71 international teams.

Given that one of our major criticisms of WTS1 was that the challenge mode was over so quickly, it all sounds good to us. We'll let you know how the game turns out - you can see how it's shaping up in screenshots elsewhere on the site.

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