World Tour Soccer 2

World Tour Soccer 2 demo

Along with Euro 2.8 firmware.

With the PSP's 2.80 system software now available to all regions, Sony's also thrown up a demo of World Tour Soccer 2.

New World Tour Soccer 2 content

Extra game mode for footy fans.

Those of you playing Sony's not-at-all-bad World Tour Soccer 2 on your PSPs might want to head over to today and download a new game mode, called Ole.

World Tour Soccer 2

World Tour Soccer 2

It's a different old funny game.

The arse end of London might not sound like a brilliant vantage point (particularly bathed in heat haze as it often is at the moment), but somehow the team that composed World Tour Soccer 2 has formed a realistic view of the football sub-genre - and the result is a game that sidesteps the traditional PES/FIFA dichotomy of simulations with aplomb.

Clearly mindful of the strength of its competition, Sony's London team has created a free-flowing game of nearly effortless attacking that turns what some might consider shortfalls into the component parts of a high-scores game - one that arguably has more in common with the occupants of Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade than the genre it represents on PSP.

The original World Tour Soccer - a rebadging of the console This Is Football series - arrived ahead of both Pro Evolution Soccer 5, which currently stands tallest amongst handheld football games, and won plaudits for its accessibility. But it was the game's Challenge mode, which allowed players to build up points for slicking passing moves, fancy tricks and spectacular goals, that showed the most potential. Though short-lived, the positive response to it clearly helped shape the sequel - because World Tour Soccer 2 is delivered almost entirely in the challenge mindset.

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World Tour Soccer 2 for PSP

More challenge mode.

Sony's announced that World Tour Soccer 2 is due out on PlayStation Portable in June - just in time for you to lose your PSP down the back of a German stadium, presumably.