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ProStroke controls revealed

The ball's at your feet.

Gusto Games and Oxygen Interactive have been banging on about how good the swing system in ProStroke Golf is going to be for ages - and now they've finally revealed how it's going to work.

Basically, instead of standing behind the golfer, pulling the left stick back and then thrusting it forward like in Tiger Woods, you line up the shot from behind and then look down at the ball between your feet and swing the stick right to left.

It's a bit more complicated than that though, obviously, and will empower you to shift your weight - to affect speed and spin - and foot positioning to add draw or fade to a shot. Effectively, it offers the same options as something like Tiger Woods but it manages to build them into one all-encompassing, ball-at-your-feet shot mechanic rather than relying on you to hammer shoulder buttons while the ball's in flight and so on.

And if it sounds complicated, don't worry, because not only will it all be explained during an in-game tutorial so that you can get your head around it, but you'll be able to get around 90 percent power out of a shot by simply doing the right-to-left bit.

Not unsurprisingly, Gusto and Oxygen reckons all of this puts ProStroke Golf - née World Tour Golf - hundreds of yards ahead of the opposition, and is pitching it as a more simulation-oriented game than its "arcade" counterparts.

ProStroke Golf is due out on PS2, Xbox, PSP and PC this August.