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Halloween, Evil Dead on UMD

And some Manga stuff.

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Anchor Bay Entertainment, which has the power to put Thomas The Tank Engine on UMD, has announced six UMD film titles for PlayStation Portable - presumably as a precursor to the release of Thomas & Friends: Hooray For Thomas.

Those films are horror horrors Halloween and Evil Dead, Time Bandits, and a trio of Manga titles - Ghost in the Shell, Blood: The Last Vampire and Ninja Scroll. All will go on sale this August 23rd in the US of States priced $19.98 or thereabouts.

Anchor Bay suit Ray Gagnon, who thinks UMD has "done well in its early stages", didn't directly confirm that Thomas will appear on UMD, revealing only that, "This slate is only the beginning from our company."

Other products in the Anchor Bay canon - or, to be more precise, other amusing products that we found on its website - include fitness videos like "10 Minute Solution: Carb & Calorie Burner" with Michelle Dozois.

We have no idea if it helps you lose weight, but if you get your PSP out in public or put it in your back-of-jeans pocket then you're sure to get some exercise anyway - when the nearest snotty little kid in a hoodie yoinks it and legs it off up the street and you have to run after him and bring him to heel by throwing your portable generator/recharge unit at him.

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