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Family Guy details

Laugh and cry.

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2K Games' Family Guy game will put players in the shoes, nappies and fur of Peter, Stewie and Brian, apparently, each of whom will have his own storyline to work through.

Announced quite recently, the Family Guy game is on its way this autumn for current-generation consoles, and although there's been a bit of concern about how something as surreal and tangential as the TV show will translate into a game (short of copying Warioware, presumably), 2K seems confident.

According to details released this week, Peter will be on a mission to stop Mr. Belvedere taking over the world, while Stewie tackles his nemesis Bertram and Brian's trying to escape from prison. 2K Games says it'll mix combat with stealth and puzzle-solving, and that it absolutely intends to keep diving off into random asides - except in the game they'll be interactive.

Whether it'll work is anyone's guess, but given the show's loyal following - so loyal that they got Fox to recommission it based on sales of the DVDs alone - it'll have to work hard for it, and if it does work we're guessing it'll be unique.

Fortunately we won't have to guess for long, since it'll be on show at E3, when we'll hopefully get the chance to take a look ourselves.

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