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Family Guy game on the way

For current generation consoles.

2K Games has signed a new deal with Twentieth Century Fox to produce a game based on hit animated TV series Family Guy.

2K will work closely with Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane on the action adventure title, which will feature all your favourite characters plus locations seen in the TV show.

"2K Games really understands the distinct humour and unique voice of Family Guy," said Fox bigwig Elie Dekel.

"We're confident that they will develop a hilarious and entertaining game for fans of the show as well as for gamers."

Family Guy, for those who aren't familiar, follows the adventures of the Griffin family - dad Peter, mum Lois, kids Chris and Meg and sadistic baby Stewie. Fox cancelled the show after a two-year run but it but it was resurrected following huge DVD sales, and now attracts nearly nine million viewers a week.

The Family Guy game is in development for current gen consoles and is due out this autumn.