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Strategy First knocks off 20%

Cheap tactical thrills.

Strategy First, who publish a variety of PC strategy titles (bet you didn't see that coming), have announced that they're going to knock 20 per cent off their entire range between now and the end of November, for orders placed online.

The deal is apparently to celebrate the fact that American types are getting to eat their own bodyweight in turkey for Thanksgiving shortly, but so that all the rest of us don't feel left out, it's actually open to everyone in the world - and they're even doing free worldwide delivery on orders over $29.99.

You've got until November 30th to take advantage of the sale, so if you fancy spending some of the long dark winter evenings on games like Space Empires V, Dangerous Waters, Disciples II or our personal favourite, Defcon developer Introversion's first groundbreaking title Uplink, you should pop over to the Strategy First website and do so promptly.