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US PS3 peripheral pricing

Extra controllers for $50.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

As well as unveiling the launch line-up for PlayStation 3, Sony also used its US Gamer's Day event this week to confirm peripheral pricing.

Extra Sixaxis controllers, the company said, would go for US$ 49.99. The Bluetooth-based Sixaxis will have a 20-metre wireless range, and charges its batteries using a supplied mini-USB cable.

Blu-ray remote controls are due to go on sale in December for US$ 24.99, while those of you looking to transfer across your PlayStation 2 save-games will be able to grab the adapter required to do that for US$ 14.99.

Sony also said that its official HDMI cable, which isn't bundled with the console itself, even though both the 20GB and 60GB releases now include it, would go for US$ 49.99. That's obviously a lot, but since you can use any old HDMI cable you should be able to save some money by shopping around.

See elsewhere for news on the games you'll be able to buy.

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