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Kutaragi on whether PS3 will outsell 360 and Wii

"We don't care."

SCE boss Ken Kutaragi has always been a bit outspoken, but even Sony's new, officially sanctioned Three Speech blog was a bit taken aback by his latest outburst - when quizzed about whether PlayStation 3 would outsell Xbox 360 and Wii, he simply said, "We don't care."

The blog picks it up: "We spoke to Sony about this response, as it seemed a pretty ballsy statement to make, especially in light of how they're being perceived (arrogant, out of touch, losing the battle etc.) by press and consumers alike at the moment.

"They told us that what Ken will have meant is that, while they have a great deal of respect for the 'competition', they have always worked to their own business plan. In essence, regardless of what anyone else does, they'll be sticking to their original plan where PS3 is concerned and won't be changing things, just because company A does this, or company B does that."

Although it's possible, of course, that he just really doesn't care. He certainly seems bemused by all the negative press. When asked about it, he said, "It always happens."

"When we released the PlayStation and even the PlayStation 2, I didn't see any favourable articles," he told Three Speech. "Press coverage always said: 'PlayStation will fail,' or: 'We have lost our momentum,' and blah blah blah. But we have lots of passion and confidence in both the PlayStation 3 hardware, and the software titles being produced for it."

You can read about the software titles he's banging on about by checking out the PS3 launch line-up announced this week.

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