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Carmack reaffirms love for 360

But says PS3 is more powerful.

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id Software legend John Carmack has gone on record once again to express his love for Microsoft's next-gen console, claiming: "Xbox 360 has far and away the best development tools."

In a television interview shown on US channel G4tv, Carmack said: "I make little nitpicky decisions about say, well, I prefer the symmetric approach that MS has over the asymmetric Cell approach, but you can do great games on either one of them.

"I make fundamental decisions based on development tools and depth of documentation, which Microsoft has been superior on," he continued.

On the subject of whether the 360 is superior to the PS3, Carmack described the hardware as "comparable", but conceded: "PS3 is probably marginally more powerful, in terms of raw flops and graphic operations."

But "That's not really the best way to look at things," he went on.

"When you look at these development cycles that stretch over years and years, being 20 per cent easier to develop on is much more important than being 20 per cent more powerful."

This isn't the first time Carmack has extolled the virtues of the 360's development tools - he made similar comments at the QuakeCon event in August, and also praised the PS3's open environment for development.

Carmack is currently hard at work on a brand new game for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 - but there's still no word on a title or release date. We'll bring you more news as soon as we get it...

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