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Full Spectrum Warrior demo

Pfft, we're not worried.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Doom not shooty enough for you? Rather wrestle with a US Army-funded game of potentially dubious morality that involves killing the locals in a middle-eastern hotspot? Probably best to keep that on the down-low, then, but you can at least download the demo of Pandemic Studios' Full Spectrum Warrior this week from Eurofiles.

Issa big bastard, at 301MB, and not much is known about its contents (there's a 'typical US Army planning' gag there, which you can have for free), but preliminary intelligence suggests that it consists of the obligatory tutorial and the first mission (sorry, 'chapter') from the full game. Which should be just about enough to convince you of the game's worth. Or not.

The, er, full Full Spectrum Warrior is due out in Europe on PC from October 1st, and you can read (at some length) what we thought of the Xbox version when that came out here.

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