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SCEA knocks back Gran Turismo 4

Fall, guy.

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The Sony America press event we mentioned yesterday has thrown up some new details on the platform holder's plans for Gran Turismo 4 - and it's not the best news.

According to folks who attended (our invitation got lost in the mail), SCEA reps at the end revealed the platform holder's latest official release estimate for Polyphony Digital's next "driving simulator" - fall 2004. GT4 had previously been expected in June/July.

Annoyingly SCEA didn't really do much to offset this disappointing news, although they did reconfirm that the game will be playable by six players and will have a sort of community built around the racing so players can chat and discuss the game and other car related stuff - pretty much what Kazunori Yamauchi said at last year's E3 trade show.

That said, Sony did reveal that GT4 will support the 40GB hard disk add-on, which is due for release in the States next month with Final Fantasy XI bundled onboard. No details were offered as to what sort of things the hard disk could help achieve, but it's not exactly hard to guess.

As for GT4's European release - late fall in 2004 could well amount to early 2005 in Europe. That's pure speculation of course, but would you really be all that surprised?

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