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PSP to cost less than £150

If you just want the unit alone.

Sony Computer Entertainment has confirmed to our sister site, GamesIndustry.biz, that the new PSP Pack will retail for just under £150 in the UK.

"This pack contains just the PSP and its charger, and will retail at the rrp of £149.99," said a spokesperson.

"The Value Pack and Giga Pack will continue to retail at their respective prices as before." The Value Pack, which includes accessories such as headphones and a case plus a 32MB Memory Stick, is priced £179.99. The Giga Pack, which comes with accessories plus a 1GB Memory Stick, costs £209.99.

Sony previously announced that the new "base unit" pack will cost €199 when it launches in Europe. They're also planning to launch an EyeToy camera, a voice and video chat service and a GPS receiver for the handheld in the future.

Rumour has it that a series of PSP-game bundles are also planned for Europe - it's thought that for €250 (around £175), you'll be able to pick up a handheld plus Medievil, Pursuit Force, WRC, WipEout Pure or Ridge Racer. But looks like there might not be too much truth in those rumours: "I think this is speculation," the Sony spokesperson told us.

The new £149.99 PSP Pack will launch on March 22nd.