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DOOM movie sequel?

Why should I! (Oof.)

With the DOOM movie set to do Hellish things in the US this Friday (probably), key cast members including The Rock, Karl Urban and Rosamund Pike have started talking about the possibility of a sequel - and while producers John Wells and Lorenzo di Bonaventura are reticent when it comes to the question of what happens next (or so they claim - it doesn't appear to have stopped them gassing about it), it sounds like there's a decent amount of enthusiasm for the idea.

Urban and Pike play brother and sister team John and Samantha Grimm in the film, which opens in the UK on December 2nd. Pike seems most keen - openly claiming she's signed on for more and adding that next time she wants a gun.

Meanwhile, Wells says "we have nothing planned" but adds that there was talk of the possibility during the shoot. "We would love to do another picture with [the film's star The Rock]," he added, "and if he wanted to do the next Doom, I'm sure we could figure it out." As for The Rock himself: "We've talked about it, and it's possible." Nice one Dwayne.

The film, directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak working off a Dave Callaham script, has yet to be reviewed very widely, but IGN FilmForce claims that it's the best videogame adaptation yet - arguing that the action (including a fairly direct homage to the game) is more important than the story and acting, which aren't exactly brilliant. We're not exactly sure why they kept the Mars setting but decided to go with evil mutant monsters, either. Hell's been frozen out, never mind over.

Lorenzo di Bonaventura, finally, argues, "You can't start thinking about a sequel before a picture even opens," before inevitably doing just that. "That's why we ended on a surprise. We went with the best ending, and we know the audience is very sophisticated." Tsk.

Presumably the question of whether or not there's a sequel will owe at least something to the quality of the film and its reception. Bahahaha. Yeah right. Anyway - we'll probably let you know what we think of the film, but not on December 2nd. We're busy that night, what with it being Xbox 360 launch day in Europe. Tiiiiiming!

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