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HOTD4 rumours quashed

Lindbergh not based on 360.

SEGA has gone on record to deny rumours that the Lindbergh arcade board - as used in the new House of the Dead 4 arcade game - is built around Xbox 360 hardware.

A representative confirmed to Eurogamer that the HOTD4 demo on show at E3 was running on a Lindbergh board, but added: "Lindbergh is not based on next-generation consoles."

And there are no current plans to develop an Xbox 360 version of the game, either: "While SEGA has announced a new arcade version of House of the Dead, the company cannot confirm a next-gen console version at this time," the representative told us.

Rumours have also been flying about regarding Virtua Fighter 5, but SEGA told us the same rules apply - there are no plans to bring the franchise to 360 at present. So there you have it.