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Kojima talks next-gen consoles

Analogies a-go-go.

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has offered up his take on the next-gen consoles, comparing the big three to other forms of entertainment - namely cinema, DVD and TV.

In an interview with the US version of Official PlayStation Magazine, as reported on the Neogaf forums, Kojima began by stating: "To refresh your memory, last year I said the PlayStation 3 was a big meal that you have once a year, the 360 was a special meal that you have on weekends, and the Revolution - as it was called at the time - was your everyday meal.

"Last year, it was the same family changing meals according to the situation; that was my line on it."

But Kojima's opinions have changed since then: "Now, the PlayStation 3 is like a movie theater for people who want to see this movie on the big screen with THX and 5.1 audio, even if they have to pay a high price. The Xbox 360 is DVD. Basically, you don't know what movie you want to see, so you go to the store and see if you can pick up a good one.

"The Wii is like a TV for when you're home and you don't know what you want to watch but you [want to] have that variety."

All in all, Kojima reckons the three consoles are "really distinctive" and that "they mostly don't overlap each other" - just as people who love movies also watch TV, people who play PS3 games will also be up for the Wii.

But Kojima argues that developers must "be very quick" to ensure the games they're producing meet gamers' demands - time for more analogy: "We can't wait long to turn on TV, and also, the programs have to be in all varieties so everyone is satisifed, as opposed to the movie theaters, where everything has to be high spec.

"People want high emotions. You want to be touched watching it on the big screen. For DVD, or the 360, you need to have a lot of variety so when people stop by they'll pick up your product."

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