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Star Wars: Empire At War demo

On Eurofiles now.

Ellie is away today. I present the following Star Wars-based news item in her honour:

Widely respected film deity George Lucas's trusted human compatriots LucasArts have released a playable demo of Star Wars: Empire At War, which is a strategy game based on the battles that take place within the timespan of the world's foremost sexlogy of science-fiction film classics.

The demo's very big, reflecting the cinematic stature of Star Wars, and includes the first five tutorials, which you should be jolly grateful for given everyone else had to go to the academy and turncoat sexpot Hayden Christensen probably killed them and you're fine, as well as a Galactic Conquest map which you can play as a Rebel Forces commander.

Apparently, "you'll battle for control of the Outer Rim in the Vergesso Asteroids and attempt to liberate Tatooine from the grip of the Empire," and then go to the shops and buy all the films on DVD because Episode III really is great and your friends are liars.

The full game's due out on February 17th and Tom, who works really hard, should have a holiday around then by the way.