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Mario Kart Arcade sequel

Now with Tamagotchi, oddly.

A flyer posted on an Internet forum has revealed some details about the next version of the Japanese-only Mario Kart arcade game.

Although the first one is only available in a few locations over here, it's clearly popular in Japan - where Waluigi and Tamagotchi (crikey) will be joining the line-up of racers in Mario Kart Arcade GP 2.

There will also be lots of new items and courses to spice up those four-player races, along with a commentary track over the top, apparently.

Not only that (wow), but the system for taking a picture of yourself and using it as an in-game avatar has been upgraded, bringing greater definition, presumably, to the various pimples and spots that work tirelessly against the purity of your complexion. Also: you can put a silly hat on your head.