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GTA Trilogy dated for Europe

Never heard of it.

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Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy pack for Xbox will be released in Europe on November 4th, the publisher announced this week.

GTA The Trilogy include GTA 3, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, although it doesn't appear to do anything else, like the dishes, or the legal legwork after you run over someone's cat with a traction engine and they get all bitchy. I'm not saying there's a link though - is there a link? Somebody should look into this.

Rockstar's little missive also features a quote from Time magazine pimping the whole thing out. "Grand Theft Auto III is a national obsession. Its sequel borders on something more: art." Well, it borders on it alright - although only in the sense that art's sitting on its porch with a shotgun shouting, "GET OFF MY LAND" as GTA tries to sneak between the fence posts.

But enough padding. GTA The Trilogy: November 4th. In one box. Much like The GTA 3 and Vice City Double Pack, except with another one crammed in the margin, like a dead hooker stuffed under a be[-okay stop - Ed]

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