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Broken Sword 4 announced

It's out next summer.

THQ has announced plans to publish a new instalment in the Broken Sword series for PC next summer.

The first BS title was released back in 1996 and there were only ever meant to be three games in the series - but according to developer Revolution Software, demand from fans was so high that they decided to give in and do another one. Nothing to do with the first games selling 2.5 million copies worldwide and earning them vaultfuls of cash, oh no.

BS4 sees our hero, George Stobbart, falling in love with a beautiful lady who goes and disappears on him in mysterious circumstances. Naturally it's up to George to find the lady and save the world, seeking out some ancient artifact which posesses great and terrible powers along the way.

A THQ bigwig said he was jolly excited about it all, adding something about growing the global business in Asia Pacific territories.

Broken Sword 4 is out next summer.