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Broken Sword 4 titled

It's out next summer.

THQ has announced the full title for the fourth instalment in the Broken Sword series.

Broken Sword: Angel of Death will see you taking on the role of George Stobbart once again as he investigates "dark secrets from a long forgotten history," according to THQ. He falls in love with a mysterious and beautiful woman called Anna Maria, only for her to go and disappear on him.

Naturally, George sets about trying to find her, with no clues to go on other than an ancient manuscript which is said to have links with "mfkzt" - a mythical substance that has remained forgotten for thousands of years.

During the course of George's investigations an age-old rivalry between the world's most powerful factions kicks off again, and a terrible secret is revealed - "a secret that will ultimately lead George's latest adventure to a painful and bitter conclusion." Dun-dun-DERRR etc.

"Broken Sword is renowned for its gripping stories and intelligent, considered puzzles," said Charles Cecil, MD of developer Revolution Software.

"Broken Sword: The Angel of Death has been designed from the puzzle upwards to create the most compelling, challenging gameplay as well as deliver an enthralling story that will appeal to both fans of the genre and newcomers alike."

Head on over to the official website to see a short trailer - there's no actual game footage to be seen, unfortunately, but the music's nice and dramatic.

Broken Sword: The Angel of Death is out next summer.

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