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Cecil considering Steel Sky 2

But he'd want to work with Dave Gibbons again.

Lovable Broken Sword designer Charles Cecil says he's looking into working on a sequel to adventure classic Beneath A Steel Sky.

Speaking to Eurogamer in an interview published today, Cecil said, "from a commercial perspective, there's a great deal to suggest that the game could be very well received".

That's largely thanks to Scumm VM - PC software designed to play old adventure games on modern operating systems - for which Cecil allowed the original Beneath A Steel Sky to be released for free.

"I could say that as a marketing genius I planned it, but that would be a dreadful lie," he joked. "The result is that literally millions of people have played the game for free on a very wide range of devices. We're coming under enormous pressure from people saying, 'When's there going to be a Steel Sky 2?'"

"The only thing is, if we were to do a Steel Sky 2 - and this is something that I'm looking into - then I'd dearly love to work with Dave Gibbons again, because his input last time around was great. Dave and I communicate from time to time, and he's always expressed an interest in working on a sequel."

However, the game would have to take "a different approach". "It would have to be either an episodic game, or there has to be some other way of getting it to market in a new and interesting way."

"So that's something that's very much on the horizon, but not something I'm actively working on at the moment," he concluded.

Cecil's currently preparing to sit back and watch Broken Sword: The Angel of Death arrive on PCs next month, and admits he's also about to get to work on another project based on an existing IP.

You can read the full interview, discussing Broken Sword 3, the current state of adventure game development and Cecil's views on everything from Fahrenheit to Electronic Arts, elsewhere on the site.