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Dog devours DS Lite

And Ninty fixes it for $50.

Nintendo's love for dogs apparently knows no ends - they're even offering to fix an unlucky gamer's DS Lite after his dog completely mangled it.

As you can see from the photograph, blogger Jacob Kaplan-Moss' puppy - perhaps excited by the prospect of meeting some lady-hounds in Nintendogs - went a bit mental with his brand new DS Lite. The result was a unit that still turned on, but with a completely busted touch-screen.

Click through to read about Jacob's DS-aster.

Fortunately there's a happy ending, because when Jacob got on the phone to Nintendo customer support, they agreed to repair the thoroughly wrecked DS Lite for just $50. Once they'd stopped laughing, obviously.

It's probably best not to treat this as an opportunity to throw your new handheld into the nearest rhino enclosure though - judging by Jacob's report of the phone call, it sounds like it was a one-off.

Still, puts all those "screen cracking" reports into perspective, doesn't it?