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Diablo, Starcraft go handheld?

Blizzard considers options.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Fancy a bit of handheld Starcraft? Or how about portable Diablo II? Well, Blizzard is very much interested in your answer judging by the developer's latest newsletter.

It asks readers if they'd consider buying a Nintendo DS or Sony PSP version of Diablo II, providing a wireless multiplayer feature was included.

And Blizzard also wants to know if there's demand for Starcraft on the DS - but there's no mention of a PSP version.

So although nothing's been officially announced yet, it seems Blizzard is at least considering developing games for the handheld market. Course, they've published GBA titles before - namely The Lost Vikings, Blackthorne, Rock 'n' Roll Racing and The Lost Vikings - but those games were ported from oldies by US studio Mass Media.

We'll bring you more news as soon as we get it...

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