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Metroid Prime 3 at E3?

No denial from Nintendo.

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IGN's Nintendo editor is claiming that Metroid Prime 3 for Revolution will be "fully playable" at this year's E3.

Speaking on his blog comments page as part of a piece about how much he's looking forward to Too Human, Matt Casamassina said he expects it to be "one of, if not the must-have game of E3 2006".

Nintendo's yet to announce its E3 line-up - and frankly isn't expected to make it clear beforehand which Revolution games will be playable.

Revolution certainly will be there though, and Metroid Prime's known to be a favourite way of showing off how the freestyle controller works, with several journalists at last September's Tokyo Game Show given the chance to play a modified version of Metroid Prime 2 using the controller - although Nintendo chose not to offer that demo to other TGS attendees.

And of all the games mentioned in connection with the system, Metroid Prime was the only one to feature in tech demo form at last year's E3, back before we knew anything about the controller.

As we close in on this year's show, however, for now Nintendo's keeping schtum about Metroid Prime 3. "It's pure rumour and speculation - we haven't officially confirmed what Revolution titles will be playable at this year's E3," said a spokesperson this morning.

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