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Guitar Hero II this November

New songs, co-op, more.

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Guitar Hero II will be released in the US this November, publisher RedOctane has announced - confirming CEO Kelly Sumner's recent comments, which also stated we could expect genre spin-offs within the next 12-15 months.

The second title from Harmonix will naturally introduce a new track-list, which is being "closely guarded" according to the publisher - although we're told to expect "classic rock, 'hair' metal, heavy metal, modern rock, and alternative titles". We'll also see new venues to rock around.

On top of that, Guitar Hero II will introduce new play modes, including a co-operative multiplayer offering that allows you to split the role of lead, rhythm or bass guitar tracks between players.

Speaking to IGN, exec-producer John Tam explained that although there'd be three roles available, it'd be dependent on the type of song which was offered. "For every song, there's going to be two streams. Some of those second streams are going to be rhythm guitar, and some of those streams are going to be bass guitar," he explained.

"So there's not three streams, there's actually two streams. But with two guitars you'll actually be able to play co-operatively and you're not playing the same exact track, like sharing the lead guitar track. You're actually playing your own track."

Tam also said that the budget for licensed songs had increased, so of the 55 mentioned, the goal is to have "40" licensed, with others drawn from indie rock groups as before.

Best of all for us, RedOctane will be offering "an early glimpse" during E3 in Los Angeles next month, which is almost certain to be a big draw - last year, the original picked up all sorts of awards.

Meanwhile, Guitar Hero is now on sale in Europe. Those of you trying to work out whether to buy it or not should check out our reviews as well EG TV video for inspiration.

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